Sacred Solitude Time The Power of Journaling

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We are gifted with 168 hours each week that we have for us to enjoy over 7 days, each week, where we can impact or make a significant difference to the world and those around us,  yet time goes so quickly and very often, we don’t even know where it goes or before you know it the week is over and even the weekend that you so looked forward too,  is gone in a flash! Right ?– is this statement resonating with You ?

If you find that your life is busy all day every day each week  and  you head off to bed thinking about all you have to do tomorrow or you wake up and you’re already late  and there is still so many things that you need to do – I’d  then say confidently that you’re missing out on something your SpiritHeart and Brain needs very urgently and that is  Sacred Solitude Time.

This may simply mean 30 minutes to an hour of your time that you commit and dedicate to Sacred Solitude Time, where you sit and reflect, maybe jot down some thoughts in a journal/ book of wisdom and have quiet time away from all the noise and distractions of daily life. Maybe use the time to reflect on past successes, past learning opportunities, memorable adventures or even thinking about the next chapter, phase or step that you need or want to take in your life.

This time is NOT about  spa treatments, massages or taking care of your body – that’s a different discussion we can have in a whole new dimension of your wonderful life . This is  also not a time for scheduling or goal-setting ( again another area your Coach can impact on) – it is PURELY  a period of time Quality Reflection about yourself on the things that have been working for you, and the things that haven’t and how you can alter, change or adapt, in order to help focus on what you need to do next, in order to live life out full and make it a Happy, Healthy and Well lived life!

Don’t let the next couple of years slip by. Don’t even let the next week slip by, without actually stopping/ standing still and taking a couple of deep breath and reflecting with some Sacred Solitude Time

A great way to start journaling is to make the conscious decision that you will put pen to paper and jot things down. JUST START !! Start with identifying three things you are grateful for, be it your spouse, your kids, your health or whatever comes to mind immediately as you think about GRATITUDE. By having an, “ Attitude of Gratitude” helps with flow when journaling as you set the tone for the rest of the magic that will appear on the paper.

Remember you are not alone in this great big world, there is so much to be thankful for and to get excited about. I encourage you to find the time to sit and reflect on how amazing your life is and how much greatness there still is to achieve

Live with Deliberate Purpose and Make Life Great!

Cheers for now !


Words of wisdom:

" The way to gain a good reputation is to endeavour to be what you desire to appear. "   -   Socrates


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