In order to improve your life, requires Tenacity and Consistency. Your Happiness, Success and Dreams will happen through the Quality of your actions and having a mindset of Abundance. I am constantly searching for answers and ways in which to help improve the lives of my Life and Business Coaching clients. There is a multitude of information available to serve this purpose and yet I consistently find myself overwhelmed with so many ideas, ways and means for which we could implement and use. So I have filtered through all which I have had at my disposal , narrowed it down and suggest to start with the following seven steps, and you’ll begin to construct and see an improved version of yourself.

  1. Establishing and Identify a Vision of Greatness.

Whether it’s a financial, network/ relationship or business  goal, establishing a solid vision is key. Your vision serves as your guiding light  or compass and prevents you from getting lost on the path to your Ultimate Great Goal. A vision encourages, ensures and forces you to be direct and specific about what you’re going after, then commit to it and once you have it, it becomes part of your identity and encourages you into action each day to go out and achieve it!

While establishing a vision, put aside some time to create the “Ultimate Day” exercise (which I do with all my clients) . Ask yourself these questions and give some time to think through the answers, write them down and start to see the daily difference unfold in your life by being conscious and in tune with what it is you truly want!

  • How do I want my dream day / every day to look- What makes it Magnificent and exciting? 
  • How do I want to feel emotionally, spiritually and physically each day? 
  • Whom am I blessed or fortunate enough to be spending my days with? 
  • What kind of work am I doing? Does it serve me well and others in the same light, am I making a difference?
  • How do I want to make people feel after being around me?
  1. Simply Showing Up

Motivation on its own is not a dependable resource to get you into action each day. No matter the circumstances’  In order develop your talents, upskill your abilities and upgrade your overall well-being and creating your Ideal Life, you have to show up every day and have no excuses.

A great Japanese proverb will always reminds us, “Vision without action is a dream. Action without vision is a nightmare.” The simplest way of basically putting it, is to let your vision serve as your compass while your actions propel you to become a better version of yourself.

Fear is normal and therefor, in the beginning, it is totally understandable to feel a little overwhelmed and possibly slightly apprehensive about the journey ahead in achieving your goals and even more satisfying is knowing that  taking giant leaps of action and risk is not necessary at all. Baby steps and small moments of courage and self belief are the only requirements.

Being Outstanding , Exceptional and creating a positive shift in your life and the universe all starts by simply showing up

  1. You are NOT ALONE

We have all heard the slogan, “ Life is  journey, Enjoy the Ride” I always love reflecting back on it as it is so true, the journey is not to be taken alone. Having support allows you to have someone to be accountable with, to help give you that unbiased perspective on your own development and pursuit of your goals. It is so crucial  to have a support network to catch you whenever you begin to gently slide back into your old habits and play small.

No one in the entire world gets immunity from the fear, doubt and uncertainty that pursuing new opportunities or lifestyles presents. Adversity and small failures are nothing but feedback and information for you to use as you proceed along your journey. It’s OK to feel nervous while doing unfamiliar things however I urge you to remember, all you need is those couple of seconds of courage to take the step forward and start to grow.

I encourage you today to identify at least two, maybe even three people who can provide support and accountability for your new journey and what lies ahead. What an amazing adventure lies ahead – may your exploration begin – you are in Africa after all!!

  1. Accept that you need to play Bigger than your current Self

Identify what it is you truly want , give it a heading a title if you like and then begin to deconstruct it, break it down into smaller chunks or parts that start to highlight and expose the true essence of what it is you truly want!

By doing this and Going Deeper with your Goals and Motivation, you’ll see that it’s more layered than you realised. Tapping into this deeper level of motivation for why you want this goal,  builds endurance and gives you momentum. It cements and affirms in stone the identified goal in your mind and your soul and yet most importantly when distractions will attempt to steer you off course, it will help actually keep you right of track!

  1. Learn Something new Everyday and Grow

One of the most common traits between successful people is their habit of continuous learning, I am sure you have heard or read about many people rising between 04H30 and 5am to Read and Meditate, before starting their day. I can confidently tell you that this truly works and each to their own in how they apply the time and schedule it accordingly. I consider myself to be a Life Long Student of Self Development. Therefore when any opportunity arises to grow and develop my mind and expand on what my current knowledge is , I embrace it , absorb it and make it my own in order to help fulfil a deeper burning desire within me. When you quit learning, you are left behind. Adopt a student mentality and develop a growth mindset where you’re always becoming better at your craft and everything you are capable of doing.

  1. Exercise Daily … even if it’s just a simple walk

The type of exercising doesn’t matter ( gym, running, cycling or swimming) as much as the consistency of doing the habit does. Identify some form of activity that  increases your breathing rate, gets the heart beating faster and releasing endorphins. This aids with clearing your mind, regaining focus on what is  most important and funnily, I  can resonate with this statement I found in a recent Business Day article that says, “Your health is the head of an octopus and the tentacles are the other facets of life. Without the head being in an Optimal State, the rest of those tentacles aren’t going to operate and function properly. And then you won’t show up as the best version of yourself every day.” So get out there and clear the mind and get active, it most certainly will make a difference and those endorphins will make you feel great !!

  1. Recent Accomplishments: Acknowledge, Reflect and most of all and Appreciate them … write them down !

Ambition on one end, it motivates you to pursue your goals. On the other end, you never feel good enough or that progress is happening because you’re so fixated on the result, which feels so far away and often unattainable.

A great way to  reflect and be conscious of your accomplishments is to try tracking your progress on a daily basis. As I have mentioned in previous articles before, to me,  Journaling is one of the best ways to manifest Success, Happiness and Growth in all facets of your life. Journaling provides clarity over your objectives while also improving your  Self Confidence, Mindfulness and Happiness. Writing down three things you’re grateful for each day can teach your brain to look for positive opportunities and shift into an optimist mindset. This allows you to see daily growth for what’s working and what isn’t. After all, what gets measured gets improved.

I do believe this weeks topic has shed some light on how you can simply start to improve in your life , the great Philosopher Aristotle stated, that , “To be excellent we cannot simply think or feel excellent, we must act excellently.”  Therefore, I believe that When you start to look at the world differently through a new better version of yourself, you may just change it for good!

Please get in touch if I can help  serve you with improving your life or coach you in achieving your goals in whichever facet of your life it may be.

Live with Deliberate Purpose and Make Life Great

Cheers for Now !


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