Warren, as a consultant, strives to provide you with tangible outcomes at the end of your project, by providing complete, competitive and cost effective turnkey solutions.  Through the utilisation of an out of the box approach, a whiteboard can become a playground for the sparking of creativity, energy and synergy throughout your business!


Focused strategies and activities, improvement of the management processes andcontinual measurement of the effectiveness of time and financial investment put into an organisation - these provide the basis for sustainability, and ultimately organisational transformation and achievement.

To this end, it is imperative that every member of an organisation must have a clear understanding of the vision, the mission and ultimately, the goalsthat are needed to ensure an organisation’s success.


Key drivers that contribute to an organisation’s ongoing success:

Continuous strategic improvement - Learning – Fresh, creative new developments.


A committed and meticulous business consultant, through speaking of the ‘language’ that your organisation needs to hear, can assist in developing a culture that promotes effectiveness and growth at rates faster than those achievable through the use of only an internal management team.

Warren’s Key Areas of Consultation:

·        Pre-Hospital Emergency Care

·        VIP Event Medical Coverage – planning and implementation

·        Business Strategy

·        Organisational Development

·        Strategic and Change Management

·        Marketing – Niche and Focused strategies

·        Organisational Behaviour & Diversity

·        Mergers & Acquisitions

·        Product development and Promotion

·        Project Management

·        Culture Development

·        General Organisational & Corporate Wellbeing

Words of wisdom:

" Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower "   -   Steve Jobs


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