A gentlemen who has a passion for people, a clear concise vision and with an NO LIMITS attitude, meet Warren Hastings. Warren has been in the emergency medical services for over 22 years and over that time has experienced the other side of life that many of us shelter from.  Through his journey and experiences, Warren has learnt about the significance of Teamwork, Trust and the importance of sound Relationships and Networks.


Warren has sound business acumen after having attended Business School and has related the experiences he has learnt as a Paramedic to the corporate world. He has formulated an inspiring Keynote address that shares real life emergency experiences and equates to how you can use these principles in your business to achieve success and also experience“Resuscitation” – giving new life!!


Warren consults and coaches on all aspects of business, with key interests in Business development, Strategic and Change Management, Marketing and Organisational Behaviour - Warren is also certified as a Life, Business & Executive Coach and  is often considered to be the “Business Paramedic” fixing the gaps and loopholes that only an outsider looking in could find, by providing a different approach to creativity and strategic sustainability that are results driven and ultimately increase productivity and your organisations bottom line.

Through Warren’s statement of Leadership, Innovation and Motivation, all things are achievable, so what are you waiting for?, with so much to offer and the ability to help you change your strategic vision either through Warren’s Keynote address or Business Consulting and Coaching


Consider Stephen Coveys words, “Effective Leadership is putting first things first, while effective management is the discipline in carrying it out” – Today is the day that you and your organisation personify the very meaning of SUCCESS, let Warren help you get there!!!

Words of wisdom:

" Effective Leadership is putting first things first, while Effective Management is Discipline in carrying it out "   -   Stephen Covey


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